LAST CHANCE: 2021 Online PhoRTE Training October 2

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FREE Web Chat on Clinical Care for Aging Voice

PhoRTE voice therapy sponsored a FREE Web Chat to discuss management of aging voice patients. The Web Chat was an opportunity for open discussion regarding clinical practice patterns for presbyphonia. Attendees asked questions, posed scenarios, discussed treatment options, and considered clinical timelines.

Did you miss the web chat on aging voice? Now you can watch the archived video by following the link:

Hot Off The Press – Check out PhoRTE in Stemple and Hapner’s Voice Therapy: Clinical Case Studies

Read about PhoRTE Voice Therapy in Chapter 4 of this Seminal Text on the Rehabilitation of Voice Disorders

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Get Involved in Research on PhoRTE!

PhoRTE and PhoRTE + EMST non-inferiority trial is currently underway at the Emory University Voice Center (EVC). Researchers at EVC are testing whether the addition of expiratory muscle strength training (EMST) to PhoRTE Voice Therapy is at least as effective as PhoRTE alone in improving various aspects of voice in patients with age-related voice changes (presbyphonia). If you are 60 years or older, have a problem with your voice, and are interested in participating in this PhoRTE clinical trial, contact the researchers at EVC for more information.

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